Brown sugar - stick

Natural product, obtained from extracting sweet sap from sugar cane, by traditional methods, without refining. Its rich aroma offers a refined flavor to hot and cold drinks.

  • Individual packaging: stick 16x108 mm – paper enriched with polyethylene PE 45/15; net mass – e 5 g;
  • Collective packaging: cartons of 500 sticks; net mass – e 2,5 Kg;
  • Trading unit: cartons of 500 sticks = e 2,5 Kg;
  • Pallet: 150 boxes / pallet (375 kg);
  • Validity term: in dry places, with relative air humidity of max. 70% and temperature higher with at least 5˚C than the outside temperature, if it is under 10˚C. If kept in these conditions, it has an unlimited validity.

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