AGRANA in Romania

About us

In 1998, AGRANA Zucker A.G. Austria started to invest in Romania. Nowadays, AGRANA runs two sugar factories in Roman and in Buzau as well as one starch factory in Tandarei.  In 2005 all the sugar factories merged for an efficient management and administration, and therefore AGRANA Romania was founded.




AGRANA Zucker A.G. Austria started to invest in Romania by purchasing several sugar factories:

  • S.C. Danubiana Roman S.A.
  • S.C. Zaharul S.A Buzau         
  • S.C. Beta Tandarei S.A.


AGRANA group buys the starch company AGFD Tandarei


Sugar factories merge together and AGRANA Romania S.A is formed


After capital concession, fruit company Wink Romania SRL changes its name into Agrana Juice Romania Vaslui, to directly demonstrate the company’s affiliation to AGRANA Group


AGRANA ROMANIA S.A. moved it’s headquarters from Buzau to Bucharest, Sos. Straulesti nr.178-180, sector


AGRANA ROMANIA S.A. changes it's juridical status to AGRANA ROMANIA S.R.L.


Our Sugar Production sites

The main activity of the company is sugar production out of imported raw sugar and sugar out of sugar beet. AGRANA is one of the most important sugar supplier for the sweetener and soft drink industry, for the international retailing, but especially for the local retailers from the small towns and villages in the whole country.

ROman Plant

Our sugar beet production is located in Roman, Neamt County. The factory with its sugar beet processing is the most significant partner for thousands of beet producers and land owners in the Eastern Romania starting from the Ukrainian border down to the South in Galati County. AGRANA specialists inform over the whole year the farmers by presenting them general agro-technical information and give them support to develop the arable crop cultivation. The most import matter is that AGRANA wants to bring the soil structure back to a favorable sanitary level. The company intention is, to bring the Romanian sugar beet crop at a competitive level in Europe.

Since SC AGRANA Romania SA was founded and until now, the company has invested in the technology improvement for the beet sugar production and for the sugar refining, to modernize the technologies used for the sugar beet cultivation as well as the agricultural machineries used in the sugar beet production and harvesting. 

Buzău Plant

Our raw sugar production is located in Buzau, Buzau County. The plant was designed both for the production of beet sugar and cane raw sugar. In 1998 the plant technology changed in order to process only raw sugar. The processing plant capacity is 1.000 tonnes of raw sugar per day. AGRANA Romania has made several investments for upgrading and modernizing production, the company's latest acquisition is an automatic packing bags in boxes which achieved the perfect quality of packaging, it achieved also the performance that only two operators could pack 60 tonnes in 12 hours, therefore the productivity increased by 24 tonnes per shift.

AGRANA Starch România

Țăndărei Starch Plant

The AGFD Tandarei SRL factory is situated in the South – East of the country, halfway from Bucharest and Constanta. The location was taken over by AGRANA in December 2001 and, after an ambitious investment program started producing as soon as April 2002. The main products are: Innate starch and modified starch, glucose and maltose syrup, grains, gluten and husk corn.
The annual production capacity is 36.000 tons of corn. The company owns modern storage and processing areas for more than 20.000 tons of cereals. Also, it owns special means of transport for bulk powder (starch) and viscid alimentary liquids (glucose).

En­vi­ron­ment & Sus­tain­abil­ity

One of the primary strategic goals of the company is to establish itself at the peak of the highest quality refiners of agricultural raw materials in the business sectors sugar, starch and fruit. Prerequisites for attaining and sustaining this goal are the careful selection of agricultural raw materials and the employment of state of the art environmentally sound and waste minimising technologies during the refinement process.

AGRANA concentrates its efforts in environment and sustainability mainly in the following sub-sectors:

  • Use of Energy and Raw Materials
  • Water & Air use of By-Products
  • Consultancy Service for Agriculturalists
  • Manufacture of Organic Products

Due to AGRANA's strong relationships with the food processing industry, themes other than the technological aspects that are of increasing importance include food safety, quality management and traceability of all industrial processes right back to the field, as well as social aspects and certifications (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 22000, International Food Standard, GMP+*, Quality & Safety).


Austria Juice România

Austria Juice România

The company was founded in 1997 and was named, at that time, WINK ROMANIA. The original partner was the German company Wink Verwaltungsgesellschaft MBH. In September 1997, the concentrate juice production factory was launched. The factory is situated in Vaslui on a 19.000 square feet area, which is now owned by the company. In March 2005 the main partner offered the social capital for cession to the Austrian Group AGRANA, and in July the name of the company changed to AGRANA Juice Romania Vaslui, to directly demonstrate the company’s affiliation and area of work. The seasonal medium level of production is 3000 tons of apple concentrate and 100 tons of apple flavors.

Since the beginning the company’s declared area of expertise and production has been the production of fruit and vegetable juice.
The raw material used in the production process is industry fresh apples, picked mainly from the Moldavian areas but also brought from the Moldavian Republic. The production process is seasonal and takes place between the months of August and November. The maximum processing capacity of the factory is 450 tons a day.

The secondary products are juice, apple concentrate and apple flavor. The seasonal medium level of production is 3.000 tons of apple concentrate and 100 tons of apple flavors. The past five years all the company’s processed products have been exported.

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