Starch and Glucose

The AGFD Tandarei SRL factory is situated in the south – east of the country, halfway from Bucharest and Constanta.

The warehouse is strategically placed in the center of the Baragan Plain (the main are for raw material collection), at an equal distance from all the major Romanian cities: Galati, Braila, Buzau, Bucuresti, Ploiesti, Brasov and Constanta.

The location was taken over by AGRANA in December 2001 and, after an ambitious investment program started producing as soon as April 2002.

Main Products

Native Starch

bulk, big – bags, 25 kilo bags

Modifies starch

bulk, big – bags, 25 kilo bags


Glucose syrup

bulk, 150 kilo barrels

Maltose syrup

bulk, 150 kilo barrels

Secondary Products

Corn grains


Corn gluten

big bags, 25 kilo bags

Corn husk

big bags, bulk

Discover our starch product Portfolio

The complex properties of starch are valued in both the food industry as well as in technical industrial sectors, such as construction chemistry, paper and board manufacturing, as well as in the textile industry. At AGRANA, we rely particularly on certified organic and GMO-free products in our starch product portfolio.

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